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Morning BrewCast One Year Anniversary

Has it been a year already? We have had so much fun over the past year. We appreciate all the feedback, recipes, and all out coffee love. We are looking forward to more years of lively chatter and coffee goodness. Today we raise our cups to you, the listener. May you all have great tasting coffee and good cheer.






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MBC #28 Mocha Brownies with Christina

A real treat for Jennifer and Jackie. Christina Friend stops by the studio and like all good guests brings us a deliciously tasty dessert we are calling Christinas Coffee Creation.

-We work out just how much time it would take to get from the Tip of Texas to the Panhandle. Yes, it is FAR!
-Do you have a favorite cup to drink coffee out of?

-Are you a Creature of the Night?

-More French Press Coffee





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A different kind of MBC Special Report:

Smooth Skot shares a recent grocery store experience.

Note to self: Do not leave my …





MBC #27 Gary with What’s Brewing Roasters Shares His Coffee Stories and Knowledge with us

A rare treat for the coffee girls!

Gary with What’s Brewing in San Antonio enlightens, educates and brews some Kona Extra Fancy coffee for us with a French Press. Yummy!

-We learn how the French Press works and why you might want one for yourself

-Jackie changes the way she likes her coffee

-What’s Brewing is a Specialy Gourmet Coffee Roaster and probably has that hard-to-find brew you’ve been looking for

-Smooooth Skot’s gal Christina shares a siesta article with us. It turns out Jennifer and Winston Churchill have something in common.

-Perhaps Tim from MBC #9 had it right all along

-Gary shares his first coffee memories and stories of summers spent with his Grandparents

– The history of What’s Brewing and owner Roger Chbeir

-The Roasting Tradition carries on to the next generation

-Clarification on the type of grind you need for the French Press vs. Espresso

-Gary saw something unusual in the park the other day

A BIG Thank You to Gary for being such a gracious host and to What’s Brewing for being such a great resource for warm, mouth-watering, delicious, aromatic and flavorable specialty coffee. A real gem (and in our own backyard, too!) Check them out online at http://www.whats-brewing.com or give them a call at 210-308-8882



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Jackie is taking over … Shhhh, don’t tell Jennifer!

Well this is going to to be short and sweet … just like me (except I think I’m tall to avg ?). I found the secret passwords to all things MorningBrewCast and am now officially letting you know that although Jennifer is all powerful in the podcast editing department the ramblings will live on right here for your reading fullfillment. I feel a mischievious cackle emerging … oooh maybe I’ll ensure the life of my ramblings by changing the password so only I would have access … but then again, I like having Jennifer as “All Knowing” it’s like my own personal organizer … and sometimes GPS. As usual I am running late and must now run out the door and speed down the road maybe I’m not speeding, my odometer sensor just went out …


MBC #26 Coffee Substitute with Ajay from All Axis Radio

We drink coffee alternative Mayan Breadnut with our good buddy Ajay from All Axis Radio

Ajay shares his reasons for giving up the brew. We know. It’s shocking, but he seems to be doing just fine AND we had a great time recording the show.

We discover that Texans and Calgarians are not so different.

Calgary Stampede is kind of like the Houston Rodeo

Traditional media and podcasting

Jackie unleased?

Ajay shares some of what’s in store for All Axis Radio and an organization he and fellow Calgary Podcasters have started called PodCalgary

We discuss the upcoming Portable Media Expo

A Big ‘THANK YOU’ to Ajay for staying up late/getting up early to do the show. For great Canadian Indie Music go on over to All Axis Radio.



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